Fixed teeth in one day.

Fixed Teeth in One Day

For many people losing their teeth is the stuff of nightmares. It conjures up images of loose dentures that move when you talk, eat or even smile. The prospect of having to cut up your food into tiny pieces, of not tasting that food and of taking your teeth out to soak them overnight, is not a pleasant one. Trying to prolong the life of failing teeth can do irreparable damage to the underlying bone. It is best to be decisive and act sooner rather than later. But what choices do you have?

Until recently, the only alternative to dentures was traditional implant surgery which can take many months to complete and involves wearing dentures during the process.  An important breakthrough in implant treatment now allows us to replace your failing teeth with new fixed teeth in just one day.

This innovative technique, sometimes called All-on-4, uses four specially placed dental implants to permanently fix teeth to the jaw.

First a special radiograph of the teeth and jaws is taken to assess the bone. Models of the teeth are then taken to study the bite and appearance. The colour, shape and position of the teeth can all be altered to improve the appearance.

A bridge is made to replace the failing teeth. This will be attached to the four implants.

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On the day of treatment a sedative will be used to help you relax. The loose teeth are gently removed and the implants are placed. Your gums are numb, you will not feel any pain. After a few hours you will be able to go home for a light lunch and a rest. In the meantime your new teeth are being customised in the laboratory. Later in the afternoon, when you return, we will fit your new teeth. This is a quick, easy visit. You can then go home. You will be able to eat on the new teeth immediately.

After 10 weeks the implants will have fused to the bone and a new bespoke bridge can be made. This allows us to further enhance the smile and refine the bite.

We know that the implants are very successful, but over the years we expect the bridge to wear. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to replace the worn teeth without having to replace it. This may become necessary after 8-10 years.

In the rare circumstances that an implant becomes loose, it can be removed and a new implant placed. A new bridge would then be needed.

Looking after your new teeth is quite simple. The implants must be cleaned twice daily. You should visit your dentist every six months to check the implants and to have them polished. Occasionally radiographs must be taken to check the implants.

Sometimes we cannot use this technique, usually because the bone is missing or damaged. There are other techniques where implants can be placed elsewhere in the jaw to carry a bridge. However these techniques are often slower and more expensive and may require wearing a denture for a while.

Alternatively we can use dental implants to tighten a denture. Two, three or four implants are placed in the jaw and the denture is made to clip onto the implants. This technique is cheaper than having fixed teeth and provides a very stable denture. The false teeth are still removable for cleaning.

Whilst it is terrible news to discover that your teeth are failing, there are options available to you other than dentures. Early action will provide the best chance of success and can help with a smooth transition to new teeth. We will be happy to discuss your treatment needs with you and develop a bespoke solution which is specifically tailored to your goals.

You may also want to visit our All on 4 Implants page for further information on this treatment.

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