A New Smile

‘I just want to get my old smile back; my teeth were lovely when I was younger’
‘I want a nice strong smile. A bit whiter but still natural looking teeth.’
‘My new smile will be straight and even and white but not look false at all.’


Imagine you have ahead of you a decision that will change how you feel about yourself and how others see you. This decision has the power to put the past behind you, rebuild your confidence and let you move forward in life. If you’re unhappy with your smile then you’ll understand what I mean when I say that getting a new smile is a huge moment in your life.

Given that it is such a massive decision how do you decide what your teeth should look like? Well at Dovetail we have years of experience at helping people, like you, choose their new smiles and what we’ve learnt is that no two smiles are the same and it’s your view that counts.

Perhaps you had lovely teeth when you were younger and want to reclaim that smile: old photographs can really help. At Dovetail we make digital copies of wedding or birthdays and then enhance them to get details of your smile. Even if there are no old photographs then we can often get clues from pictures of brothers, sisters or children. One lady even brought her daughter along so we could take moulds of her teeth to copy; it was a great idea because they looked so alike.

Maybe you’ve never liked your smile and want to enhance it. It can be really difficult to describe how a smile should look so at Dovetail we go to great lengths to let you see new smiles before choosing. Sometimes we can do this by enhancing your smile with digital smile design software on the computer, even better is when we can let you try a new smile in temporarily to allow you to critique it. This means you can take a look at the new smile and tell us what changes you want to make before you begin.

At Dovetail we understand that you may be so unhappy with your teeth that you just need to get them changed. You’re not alone, lots of people feel like that and we will work with you to find you a smile that you can feel comfortable with and won’t cause you any shame or embarrassment. We have smile libraries to help you select but we’ll also guide you in your choices, this is where our experience really counts, we’ve done thousands of cases over the past twenty years.

Your smile is so important, it’s a reflection of your personality and crucial to your success and happiness. You must feel comfortable that your dental team understand all of your hopes and expectations if you’re to achieve the smile you deserve.