Despite our best efforts, advanced high quality dentistry is time consuming and, even though you needn’t feel a thing, it still doesn’t count as being fun!

For those who find dentistry difficult or who have previously had bad experiences which make you dread the visit, then sedation could be the answer.

Sedation (also known as twilight sleep) helps you relax and dissolves your worries and fears. Many of our patients choosing a dental implant (or allon4 treatment) choose to opt for sedation.

We give you just enough sedative that you are relaxed and comfortable; it’s a different amount for everyone depending upon your anxiety and the dental procedure.

We aim that you are comfortable throughout the visit, that time passed quickly and that you find the whole experience pleasant and unthreatening.

Dental sedation is a very safe, gentle means of helping you achieve the dental care that you need and achieving the smile you deserve.

Our Treatment Procedure

Your needs are as unique as your teeth, therefore we will carefully evaluate your situation with a thorough examination before suggesting the best way to achieve your goals.


Free Initial Assessment

Discuss your goals and identify the treatments available to you.


Extensive Assessment

A detailed examination to identify the exact treatment to achieve your ideal smile.


Treatment Performed

A Personal Buddy will guide you through the treatment process.


Smile Confidently

Regain your confidence with a naturally beautiful smile.


Maintain Your Smile

You will be shown how to keep your smile looking great for years to come.

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