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Couple on a beach Dovetail Dental are one of Newcastle's leading cosmetic dental practices. We really understand the importance of your smile, how it makes you feel about yourself and how it affects the way others see you. We want to help you achieve the very best, naturally beautiful, long lasting smile so you can eat, talk and laugh with total confidence.

That’s why we have dedicated our new state-of-the-art dental clinic in Newcastle, to combining the most innovative dental treatment with the most sympathetic customer care.

Everything about the experience, from the contemporary art gallery which is part of our clinic, to the relaxing treatment rooms, has been carefully designed to make our patients feel happy and comfortable.

So explore our website and find out how we can bring a smile to your face.

Private Dentistry Awards 2011

We were finalists in the Private Dentistry Awards 2011 - Best Dental Team

Innovative implants – a new alternative to dentures

Until recently, the only alternative to dentures was traditional implants surgery which can take many months to complete and involves wearing dentures during the process. An important breakthrough in implant treatment now allows us to replace your failing teeth with new fixed teeth in just one day. Which means you can change from your loose failing teeth to a new smile in a day!

Fixed teeth in just one day

A smiling woman This breakthrough technique, also known as All-on-4 implants, teeth in a day or same day smiles, uses four specially placed dental implants to permanently fix teeth to the jaw.

First a special radiograph of the teeth and jaws is taken to assess the bone. Models of the teeth are then taken to study the bite and appearance. The colour, shape and position of the teeth can all be altered to improve the appearance. A bridge is made to replace the failing teeth, which is attached to the four implants. On the day of treatment a sedative will be used to help you relax. The loose teeth are gently removed and the dental implants are placed in position. Your gums are numb, you will not feel any pain. After a few hours you will be able to go home for a light lunch and a rest. In the meantime your new teeth are being customised in the laboratory. Later in the afternoon, when you return, we will fit your new teeth. This is a quick, easy visit. You can then go home. You will be able to eat on the new teeth immediately.

Dovetail Dental are one of the leading All-on-4 providers in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area. In fact, we get patients from as far as the border of Scotland and Harrogate. Please follow these links to to find out more about fixed teeth in just one day or for referring dentists, our All on 4 page.

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