Dental Implants

Single Tooth Dental Implants

Missing teeth and looking for an alternative to dentures? Or, are you missing a single tooth? Dental implants could be the best solution restore your natural smile.

  • A dental implant with a crown secured to it is a simple, proven and effective way of replacing your missing tooth.
  • Can fix either a missing front or back tooth.
  • Gives security, comfort and helps you achieve your perfect smile.

Dental implants give you the confidence to achieve a more natural smile. Acting as an anchor for an artificial tooth, a dental implant consists of a small titanium post that is placed in just one or two visits.

How dental implants work

So, what exactly are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are basically sophisticated screws or posts made of a medically pure titanium. These screws/posts are placed in the jaw bone and rest under the gum for eight weeks. During this time they actually fuse to the jawbone and become osseo (bone) integrated. After the appropriate healing time, we uncover the implants and use them to replace one or more missing teeth by making a dental prosthesis (e.g. crown, bridge or overdenture).

Titanium is used because it so compatible and can bond strongly to the living bone tissue. Techniques may range from replacing one missing tooth to replacing every tooth in the upper and lower jaws. Without interfering with your speech ability, eating and general comfort, dental implants will offer you the security to achieve that perfect smile.

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Our Treatment Procedure

Your needs are as unique as your teeth, therefore we will carefully evaluate your situation with a thorough examination before suggesting the best way to achieve your goals.


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Smile Confidently

Regain your confidence with a naturally beautiful smile.


Maintain Your Smile

You will be shown how to keep your smile looking great for years to come.

Concerned about the cost of Dental Implants?
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Common Dental Implant Questions

A single implant replacing one tooth starts from £2395 

Two implants replacing three or four teeth start from £4950

If you’re replacing all or most of your teeth it doesn’t need a full set of individual implants. In fact, 4 implants are enough to replace 12 missing teeth and this is usually possible in just one day. See our Allon4 page for more information.

Generally, there’s some discomfort but this can be managed with over the counter painkillers. Implants usually cause less pain than having a tooth removed.

Yes, you can have dental implants with receding gums but it is usually required to treat the receding gums first.

If you have untreated gum disease then it can infect the new implants.
If you have lost a lot of bone through gum disease then you may need to have additional bone grafting.

There are several types of dental implants but nearly all are made from titanium. The dental implants vary in shape, size and surface texture. Endosteal implants are the most common, they resemble tooth roots in size. Zygomatic implants are very specialized longer implants that embed into the cheekbones. Subperiosteal implants are no longer used.

Dental implants last for many years, the vast majority are still functioning after 15 years but it’s important that they are carefully cleaned every day and checked regularly by your dentist.

If you are a smoker or a bit lax with your cleaning then you are much more likely to encounter problems.

Diabetes, particularly poorly controlled or unstable diabetes can also cause implant problems. We will make personalised recommendations for the cleaning and upkeep of your new implants.

You know you need dental implants if you have a gap and are missing a tooth or if you are about to lose a tooth. It’s important to place the dental implant at the correct time after losing a tooth, waiting too long can lead to bone resorption and the need for bone grafting.To qualify for dental implants you need to have healthy gums and sufficient bone.

A dental surgeon can often fit a new dental implant on the same day as removing a failed tooth. But if the gum and bone are infected or receded then it’s generally wise to be cautious and let the area heal before fitting the implant.

A one day implant is best considered when the bone is ideal, there is no infection and your bite isn’t too tight or heavy. Sometimes we will also do a one day implant if it’s the only way to restore a smile.

Dental implants are expensive but, carefully done and well looked after, they can last for decades.

Dentures are by far the cheapest option and sometimes they can look really good but they have to be removed overnight and for cleaning.
Tooth supported bridges are a good alternative but only if the remaining teeth are strong and would benefit from crowning.

Often it can be fit on the same day as the tooth extraction though sometimes it is better to wait 2 months. If you wait too long then you are more likely to experience bone resorption and require bone grafting.

The extraction has to be done very carefully and gently to avoid damaging the remaining bone. Cleaning away any infection and scar tissue also helps the bone heal better and improves the area ready for an implant.

A dental implant is better than a bridge if the nearby teeth don’t need to be capped or aren’t strong enough to carry as a bridge.

The problem with a bridge is that it damages the supporting teeth which can become decayed, break or develop dental abscesses. Research shows that over time the teeth supporting the bridge are more likely to be lost than if the gap had been filled with an implant.

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